Mianus Gorge

This is one of the most scenic hikes you will find close to home.  If you don’t have a car, it is worth convincing a friend who has a car to do this hike with you.  The 5 mile round trip hike is of medium difficulty (for a city dweller) and will take you about 3 hours to finish going at a slow pace.  It involves a good amount of uphill and downhill work that requires sneakers that fit snuggly.  When you’re done with this one, you’ll be a bit sore, but it would have been worth it.

There are several colored trails that intersect with each other.  You will definitely need to pick up a map at the start of the trail.  The more scenic route going in is the Green trail, which runs parallel to the Mianus River.

The forest provides plenty of shade along the hike…

…enough so that colorful mushrooms may surprise you underfoot.

This is a very quiet forest with no intrusion of city noise.  You may even find yourself the only hiker in the mornings.  It’s a bit eerie not to see civilization, but you are reminded of it when you see how the trail has been carefully maintained for you and then come upon a stone fence that was built ages ago that has now been left to its own devices.

I would recommend coming here in the fall when the leaves are changing color.  To get here, drive up the Hutchinson River Parkway to CT until it turns to Merritt Parkway.  Take Exit 34 onto Route 104 and drive a bit over 7 miles.  Turn left on Millers Mill Road, cross the stone bridge over Mianus River, and turn left onto the unmarked Mianus River Road.  Go less than 1 mile and turn left into the parking lot.

Hiking is free and so is the parking.  No dogs or bikes are allowed.  For current information on hours, click here.


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