Fort Tryon Park

Fort Tryon Park is not as well-known as the museum that sits on its grounds, the Cloisters. That is unfortunate because if you end up just doing the museum, you would have missed half of the point of being there. The park is located on one of the highest elevations in Manhattan and gives you breathtaking views of the Hudson and the Palisades. People who are familiar with Central Park will notice similarities in landscaping. Interestingly, the man who designed this park happened to be the son of the man who designed Central Park, Frederick Law Olmstead. The most striking difference is the dramatic presence of the park itself. You are on top of a cliff and you are not made to forget it.

Here are a few pics taken from the medieval festival that pops up each year in the fall. It’s a hokey affair with people dressed up in costume and vendors selling humongous turkey drumsticks, but it’s also something that you should do once in your life and then check off your list!

Fort Tryon Park is located in Inwood on the northern tip of Manhattan, stretching from West 192nd to Dyckman Street and from Riverside Drive to Broadway. You can take the A train to 190th St and walk a short way north up Margaret Corbin Drive. Driving is not recommended since you will need to either find a parking garage or take your chances with the limited street parking available near the park.


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One Response to “Fort Tryon Park”

  1. Orlick Says:

    ugh, i never want to go to the medieval festival.

    the park seems cool though

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