Green-Wood Cemetery

Some people may find it strange that I would include a cemetery in this blog. Normally, I would feel weird hanging out at a cemetery when I have no business being there, but Green-Wood is the kind of place where nature competes so well with the headstones and mausoleums, you actually forget for a minute that its purpose is to house the dead. It’s also the quietest outdoor spot you’ll find on this blog. For obvious reasons.

Landscaped like a park, with several lakes, and bird wildlife to match, it is also gets the award for the most beautiful cemetery in the city. Historically, people of the long-gloved and parasol set used to bring their picnics here. These days, it is better known as a resting place for a number of famous personalities- “Boss” Tweed, Leonard Bernstein, and Jean-Michel Basquiat – to name a few.

On the day I came here, I saw two stunning lakes. This first one was very atmospheric with a resident crane or egret (unfortunately, I don’t know my birds).

Greenwood cemetery

Greenwood cemetery

Further in, you will find this lake, maybe populated by geese when you arrive. You can rest up on the many stone benches here.

The rest of the cemetery is great for taking in the peace and quiet. There are beautiful statues and mausoleums scattered throughout that deserve a closer look.

Greenwood cemetery

Greenwood cemetery

Greenwood cemetery

Located at 500 25th St in Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn, the cemetery is one block east of the 25th St station on the R line. You can also drive inside the cemetery. At 478 acres, this place is huge and you may prefer to drive through and make stops along the way. Driving directions can be found here. The hours are 8am to 5pm daily. No pets, bikes, or food allowed.


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