Bryant Park

When I’m in the mood to hide myself in a beautiful park, but still want to feel the energy of the city around me, this is the one I turn to.  Its lawn is a vibrant green come springtime, and you can choose to either sit on the side and ponder its perfection or wade into its deep vastness.

The park takes on a certain hushed tone at dusk.  That is my favorite time to go. The lampposts begin to turn on, casting shadows among the cafe chairs, the carousel whirls with a carnivalesque brightness, and the lawn takes on a glow as a number of spotlights take up their calling from a nearby building.

Bryant Park

At night, the nearby buildings start twinkling like stars.
Bryant Park

Bryant Park

Bryant Park

Bryant Park

Bryant Park is located between 40th and 42nd Streets, between Fifth and Sixth Avenue.   Basically behind the main branch of the New York Public Library with the lions in front.  The park puts on many hats throughout the year, hosting fashion shows, ice rinks, and movie screenings.  Click here for a calendar of events.  I just looked at it for the first time and realized they give birding tours.  Who knew?


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One Response to “Bryant Park”

  1. gargupie Says:

    That’s right near my workplace, yet I rarely take my lunch break there…sadly. A great place to just sit and read or dine al fresco.

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