Connetquot River State Park

This post is from guest writer Jeff Orlick, sharing one of his favorite outdoor spots in Long Island.


The entire grounds is huge – almost 3,500 acres of open space with many open trails and habitats. In some other parks, the trails are made for you – created by park rangers or pioneers and their followers hundreds of times. Here, it’s basically an open field, the shrubbery high above your head. It’s great for exploration of nature and yourself.





There’s also the main building which could be a lot more fun if there were a game room, but it will do as just a gift shop.

twig pencils

There are so many trout here! They catch them about every other time they cast. It looks like so much fun compared to the ocean where we are lucky if we catch one. Do they eat them? They don’t look too appetizing. Slimy things…

At one time they had a hatchery. I’m not sure why, but the effect of it was that it became a haven for rubber boot fishermen. There was a sickness with the fish and the hatching was interrupted. I hope they return soon.


Directions from western Long Island: Southern State Parkway east to exit 44 (Sunrise Highway), east to the Preserve. From eastern Long Island: Sunrise Highway west to Oakdale. The Preserve is located on the north side of Sunrise Highway, just west of Pond Road.  For more information, click here.


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