Narrows Botanical Gardens

This garden, composed of multiple separate gardens, would never have been on my radar if not for a two sentence description in Time Out NY.  I don’t remember the description anymore, but the fact that this obscure garden existed outside my realm of knowledge was intriguing enough for a look-see.

The first thing you notice about the garden is that its 4+ acres stretches out next to the East river like a belt, more narrow than wide.   The river views are not that impressive, and neither is the noise from the highway next to it, but if you look more closely, you will admire the skill and effort of the volunteers who single handedly maintain this garden.

Here are some of the different gardens that you’ll find.

Narrows Botanical Garden

Narrows Botanical Garden

Narrows Botanical Garden

Some paths around the gardens.

Narrows Botanical Garden

Narrows Botanical Garden

There is a large lawn in the middle of the garden. I saw some people with lawn chairs sitting and chatting.

Narrows Botanical Garden

There’s also a Zen garden.

Narrows Botanical Garden

I wouldn’t say this garden is a destination.  Its size merits a half hour leisurely stroll from end to end, and that is being generous.  However, if you happen to be in the neighborhood, it may be worth a visit.  The garden is located in Bay Ridge and is more easily accessible by car.  Take the Belt Parkway to Exit 1 – 67th Street, right at light onto Ridge Boulevard, right onto Bay Ridge Avenue.  Go down Bay Ridge Avenue to Shore Parkway, then turn left.


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One Response to “Narrows Botanical Gardens”

  1. jocy Says:

    The New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx is also pretty cool. There’s an edible garden exhibit on display. Will be ending soon!

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