Storm King Art Center

For this post, I will do next to the impossible.  I will sell you the idea of this place without posting any pictures of its artwork. What?  Yes.  They have an insane rule that you cannot publicly post any pics that you took of their artwork.  So what I will do instead is post pictures of the natural beauty that can be found here, and we can pretend for a moment that this place is just a large park.

The Storm King Art Center is a 500 acre outdoor sculpture park dotted with gigantic modern art sculptures.  The sculptures are made by various artists, some of them quite famous.  The only word I would use to describe them is “bizarre.” But then again, I find modern art to be bizarre in general. Many of the sculptures are part of their permanent collection. Currently, they have a temporary site-specific work at the south end of the park designed by Maya Lin.  Called Wavefield, this piece was easily my favorite in the park.  You can see a NY Times article about it (with pictures) here.

The park is a must-see, even without the promise of sculptures hidden at every bend that tower over you and dazzle the eyes.  The park is so vast and of such varying landscape that it is perfect for several hours of exploration.  You will find hills, forest, lakes, flat meadows, and a roaring creek.  You will also find a wooded trail that wraps around half the park and gives you glimpses of the creek.  Here are a few pictures to whet your appetite.  Who says you even need the art?

This is from one of the viewing platforms in the park.
Storm King Arts Center

This is a little stream that runs through part of the southern end.  The more impressive big creek is coming up.
Storm King Arts Center

Get some shade in the woods.
Storm King Arts Center

The creek!

Storm King Arts Center

Storm King Arts Center

One of two lakes.
Storm King Arts Center

Ferns everywhere.
Storm King Arts Center

Time to go home.
Storm King Arts Center

The Storm King is located in Mountainville, NY. This year, it is open until November 14th, then it will reopen on April 1st of next year. Hours are 10am to 5pm, closed Mondays and Tuesdays. The entrance fee is $12 per person. No dogs or bikes allowed. They will rent you a bike for $20 for 2 hours. If biking is not your thing, you should explore by foot (give yourself 3-4 hours and make sure you have water on you). There’s also a free trolley that picks you up and drops you off throughout the park.

You can either take a private bus or drive there. The Coach USA/Shortline bus ride is $45 roundtrip. If you drive, it will take about an hour from the city, not counting traffic. Take the Palisades Interstate Parkway north to the Bear Mountain traffic circle; take Route 9W north 11 miles to Quaker Avenue exit. Make a left off the exit onto Route 107 to the light. Make a right on Route 32, then left after the green bridge, then follow the blue and white signs.


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2 Responses to “Storm King Art Center”

  1. Nate Says:

    Uh oh. I can’t publicly post pictures of the art? Busted. Facebook, check. Instagram, check. Is that sill rule still in effect? They’re cutting off their best avenue to popularity. Discovered your blog looking to see if anyone else had written about the Center, and did a double take. It’s now 2013. Searched the web for any mention of the rule you mention, and found none. If they send me a Cease and Desist letter I’ll gladly comply, but for now photos stay. Anyway, dig the blog.

    • TheOutdoorNewYorker Says:

      Thanks! Just checked their website and they have the following language: “No commercial use or publication of any images of or relating to Storm King is allowed without prior written approval.” It can be read in two ways and if you think the word publication is related to the word commercial, then you’re ok because your blog doesn’t have a commercial purpose. I erred on the side of caution and considered the word to be separate from “commercial use.” Who knows?

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