Gantry Plaza State Park

This park has been around since 2008, but somehow I had not paid it a visit until now.  I consider this Queen’s own intimate version of the Hudson River Parks in Manhattan.  From the looks of it, the park will soon expand to encompass more of the coastline of Long Island City.  This is great news and has been a long time coming.  I sometimes get annoyed by those who dismiss Queens as a backwoods cousin to Manhattan and Brooklyn.  We may not have restored brownstones or chi chi boutiques, but we have an awesome view of the Manhattan skyline that no amount of money can buy.

The park is named after the two gantries that tower over the water.  They were used by the shipping industry to lift heavy packages onto shore.  They look a bit odd juxtaposed against the new luxury condo and rental buildings that have sprouted up behind them.   Then you get used to it.

Gantry State Park

Gantry State Park

Gantry State Park

Directly across the river you get a view of the United Nations.
Gantry State Park

This part of the park has stone steps leading down to a rocky outcropping.  There were many geese here.
Gantry State Park

Apparently the piers can be rented for weddings.  These lovely orange flowers perfectly offset the surrounding greenery.
Gantry State Park

I love the design of this park – here, you have a concrete haven softened by wooden lounge chairs.  Feel free to sun yourself, but don’t forget the sunscreen.  Some of these folks look like they’re on their way to becoming lobsters.
Gantry State Park

Other sections of the park are lush with grass – perfect for picnics of any size.  If you are so inclined, you can pretend you were beamed into your chair via Star Trek magic.
Gantry State Park

Gantry State Park

Gantry State Park

Competing with the gantries is the beloved Pepsi sign that was saved and moved to this spot when the Pepsi bottling plant decided to leave Queens.  Did you notice that it shares a similar color scheme with the gantries?   A harmonious pairing, as some would say.
Gantry State Park

Although the park is great during the daytime, you should also come here at night when Manhattan puts on its twinkling performance – a great date spot for the romantics among us.

To get to the park, take the 7 train to Vernon Boulevard/Jackson Avenue.  When you get out, just walk west 2 blocks to the river.  There are plenty of eateries in the area for you to grab something for the park.


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8 Responses to “Gantry Plaza State Park”

  1. JO Says:

    oh nice, now I know what a gantry is.

  2. veronica Says:

    I live two blocks away, I really should go to the park more often. It’s about due time to have a picnic!

  3. Spam Is Better Fried Says:

    thanks! now I have a new spot to walk after work!

  4. jocelyn Says:

    Yay. You’re back! =)

    I’ve been meaning to go to this park. Need to bookmark and make a plan to go.

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