Chelsea Piers Driving Range

Having grown up in the city all my life, certain pastimes that other people take for granted have eluded me.  Swimming in your own pool?  Doing barbecues out on your deck?  Recreational fishing off a boat?  And what is this game of golf that others speak of? Where do people play golf in a city that is hampered by a lack of large open spaces?  When I started looking into this golf business, I realized that there are a number of golf courses sprinkled throughout the city.  I was dumbfounded to find that Queens alone has seven!  That is a lot of rolling green grass that I have never set eyes on.  I will try to get to one of them this summer just to see what it is all about.

In the meantime, I will highlight another offering of golf culture – the driving range.  Where there are golf courses, there are usually driving ranges to help everyone from beginners to pros practice their swing.  A few years back, I tried out the driving range at Chelsea Piers. It is a nice one because it is actually built over the Hudson River.  There are several floors from which to tee off, and I would suggest asking for a high floor just for the vantage point.  The fake grass juxtaposed with boats to the side and the river beyond it adds a surreal touch as you try to toss your ball into the river.  Too bad that the netting gets in the way.

Chelsea Piers driving range

The driving range is a great way to spend the afternoon outdoors doing something that you don’t normally do in the city.  I wouldn’t say I did much to improve my swing, but pretending I was a pro was just as fun.  There is also a simulation room that you can use for the same purpose where you practice in front of a large screen. I can’t imagine who would want to be stuck in a dark room swinging out into an even faker version of grass, but it is useful for those rainy days, I guess.

Chelsea Piers is located at Pier 59 on 23rd St.  The closest subway is the 23rd St station on the C and E line.  Hours and rates for the driving range vary by season and time of day.  Click here for the most current information. They also give individual and group lessons for those of you who want to pick up the sport.  For more information on the golf courses in the city, I found this website to be the most comprehensive.


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    It’s Fleet Week this week! Are you going to attend the events?

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