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Stamford Museum and Nature Center

May 20, 2012

Spring is not only the season for growth of the green variety, it is also the season for baby animals!  As city dwellers, we tend to forget this other half of nature’s equation.  Ducklings?  Calves? What are those?  If you would like to get up close and personal with the cycle of life, pay a visit to a farm right now!  For those of you who don’t want to leave the city, we have the Queens County Farm.  In Westchester, we have Stone Barns with its own collection of farm animals.  I’ve covered both in previous posts. This time around, I’d like to introduce you to the farm at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center.  It is about an hour’s drive from the city and not only does it have a farm and an art museum, it also contains a number of short and easy hiking trails.

Without further ado, here were some star attractions this weekend:

Kids, no, not the little humans, the other kind…
Stamford Nature Center

Stamford Nature Center

Stamford Nature Center

Calf and alpacas!
Stamford Nature Center

Lest we not forget, the grownups are also worthy of a visit.  These river otters are very popular and unusual for a farm.  Meet Edie and Bert!
Stamford Nature Center

This Clydesdale horse was easily the largest horse I had ever seen – towering over all of us like a genetic experiment gone bad. Before I went into the stable to see it in profile, I had to ask whether the horse was standing on some sort of platform.  My friends who come here often with their kids got a chuckle out of that one.
Stamford Nature Center

In addition to these cast of characters, you will find the other usual suspects – rabbits, chicken, pigs, and llamas.  Do you remember a time when llamas were considered exotic enough NOT to be farm animals?  I vaguely do.

As I mentioned earlier, there is also an art museum and hiking trails.  The trails are all wooded, and many of them intersect each other.  None of them are more than half a mile, but some require uphill climbing, so those are probably not good for kids under 3.   The art museum is tiny, and depending on the subject matter, could probably be covered in 15 minutes.  The current exhibit is interesting and is appropriate given the fact that we are currently celebrating the young at the farm – it is showcasing the work of an artist who illustrated a number of famous children’s books, the most famous being Puss In Boots.

To get to the Center, go on I-95 and take Exit 7 – Turn left at the 2nd traffic light onto Washington Boulevard.  Continue on Washington Boulevard crossing Long Ridge Road, ending at High Ridge Road.  Take a left onto High Ridge Rd (Route 137), and continue – crossing under the Merritt Parkway.  The Center is at High Ridge Rd and Scofieldtown Rd, 3/4 of a mile north of the Merritt Parkway.  At this time of year, the center is open from 9am to 5pm.  Admission for adults is $10; for children, it’s $5.